3 Pregnancy Topics People Will Have Strong Opinions On

*Warning: This article contains extreme amounts of sarcasm*

Everyone has an opinion right? And everyone has a right to voice theirs. The only thing is that when you’re pregnant it’s probably the one time in your life where you’ll be absolutely bombarded with everyone’s ideas on what’s best.

To begin with you might think, okay cool, I’m getting lots of information, the more I know the better right?
Yeah… that feeling can pass.

In my opinion (see what I did there!) there are three topics in particular that people will have strong opinions on;

1. Breastfeeding
It’s the obvious choice, it’s natural, it’s got everything your baby needs and it’s free! But what if you have trouble feeding, or your milk supply just isn’t consistent, or you are in a shit load of pain from cracked nipples or mastitis?

Don’t get me wrong I’m all for breastfeeding – if you can! It’s made out to be the easiest and most natural thing in the world but I’m learning quickly that isn’t always the case. I’ve had friends really struggle and they’ve felt like bad mothers because of it. Why? Because people have such strong opinions over this topic and almost force the fact that they just need to keep trying and be persistent. At the end of the day if you aren’t coping, are in pain, or for any other reason, isn’t it best that bubs gets fed regardless of it being breastmilk or formula?

2. Sleeping Quarters
Ahhhhh, my personal favourite topic. It’s almost suicidal if you even contemplate having baby sleep in a separate room to you – I learnt this from the early stages of being pregnant. Yes I’ve read about the fourth trimester and I totally understand why it would be best to have baby sleeping in the same room as you, however sometimes that’s not suitable for families.

From day dot hubby and I always discussed having peanut sleep in a separate room. Why? We both believe it’s best for hubby to get sleep since he gets up before 5am, runs a business and then on top of that will be studying and may not get home till 9pm at night. My thought was there’s no point both of us being exhausted – and when I express hubby can help out on the weekends and get up for a night feed.

If people talked to me about this idea they seriously looked at me like I was crazy. I’d get comments like “oh no, that won’t last – you’ll get fed up with going into another room,” or “isn’t it important for your husband to be part of the family experience and help feed and bond with the baby?” I’d just smile each time and respond that nothing was set in concrete and of course we would just see how things go ?

Turns out I may need a c-section and my plan is to sleep in our spare room with peanut in a moses basket next to me – that way it will be easier to get to her and everyone wins. That’s the thing – plans are always changing, you just don’t know what will happen!

3. How Much Time You’ll Take off Work

“Everything changes when you have a baby.”

This is another beauty. Really? Everything changes? I’d actually be worried if nothing changed – you’ve just bought a tiny human into this world and you expect life to be exactly the same? Pffffttttttt! And that’s the line I hear almost 98 percent of the time when I state that I will be returning back to work once baby is born. I don’t know exactly when that will be – to be honest it all depends on what type of baby I have and how I find motherhood. Ideally I’d like to start going back around the six month mark, even part time, but you just never know!

I’ve spoken to other mothers in the corporate world and some of them went absolutely crazy being at home and that had nothing to do with what sort of mother they are, they just missed the mental stimulation – some returning back to work after three months. Other mothers have had to return back to the workforce earlier than they would like due to financial reasons – and I totally get that, especially if you have a mortgage and are trying to survive off one wage, it’s not always easy.

The other thing is I may just totally rejoice in this thing called motherhood and want to spend every waking minute with my baby girl. I might decide to take the full year off work that I’ve applied for, that’s it – I just don’t know!

That’s the great things with life, things are always changing. It’s the same with peoples opinions – just take what works for you, store the other information, or throw it in the “no way” pile. You’ll soon find what will work for you and your family, after all, it’s up to you to decide what works best!


Kylie is a survivor.¬†She’s endured events that no-one should have to experience. That’s why she wants to share her story; to help other women live beyond their pain so that they too can take control of their life, and live the life they deserve.





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