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If we haven’t met yet, I’m Kylie. I’m a wife, mother, business woman, and writer.

I believe I have a story worth sharing – and it’s one  that has many twists and turns. I write with the hope of helping people just like you realise that even when times are tough, we can rise above and create our own life – a life worth living.


My Story


I grew up in a small country town on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand. I had an amazing childhood – raising animals on the farm and enjoying the classic kiwi lifestyle. 

It wasn’t until I went to boarding school at the age of thirteen where life started to change. I went from being a kind-hearted country gal, to a rebellious and sarcastic teenager. 

I was bullied for the first two years and it changed me. Even all these years later I still remember those times where I felt ridiculed, small, and insignificant. 

It was around the age of sixteen that things started to take a turn; for the worse. 



A Deathly Love

I fell in love with a bad boy. It was that all-consuming-love, the kind that ends up getting you kicked out of home at the age of seventeen. 

Then my life changed forever. A week after my eighteenth birthday, it happened. 

I hit an oncoming car. And that man? He was gone forever – because of me. 

A part of me died inside, and I went into a downward spiral. From that moment on life was never the same again.   


An Engagement

I was a wreck after the accident. I drowned my sorrows and it took me years to recover from what happened. 

A few years later, I fell in love again. And this time it was picture perfect. We had a puppy, brought a house together, and got engaged. 

Alex and I built a life together. We had it all planned out. Until we didn’t. 

A month before we are due to get married, Alex call’s it quits and ends our seven year relationship. 


The Rebirth

At 26-years-old I sell our house, quit my corporate job, and travel abroad. The path to self-discovery begins.

After a year studying psychology and learning about myself, I start to rebuild.
That’s when I meet Jono – exactly one year after Alex and I separated. 

A year later we are engaged. Another passes and we are married, and now we have a beautiful 3-year-old daughter together. But it hasn’t always been rainbows and lollipops.
Read on to find out more…


"Kylie is one strong lady who is just lovely, kind, caring, and super witty. She keeps it real and doesn’t sweat the small stuff.”

Bria McKay

"Kylie has been through so much and is a much stronger woman because of it. She will get through this with her positiveness and the loving support of her family and friends. I admire her attitude and determination.”

Janice Burns

"Positivity is an amazing thing and Kylie oozes it. Thanks for sharing your story, I know it will truly make a difference.”

Kristen Epp

"Kylie is amazing. She makes me cry and then laugh as well. With her positivity and her family, I know she will be okay.”

Katrina Hewitt Tau