Dear Daddy; A Letter from Casey


Dear Daddy,

I knew from the moment you held me in your arms that I was loved. I knew that my Daddy would always look after me, keep me safe, and love me with all of his heart.

It wasn’t an easy first few days in the hospital with me. I hated those blood sugar level tests and you comforted me – every single time. 

When Mummy needed you most you stepped up and took care of both of us. I know it must have been scary when Mummy passed out on my first night but you did an amazing job caring for us both – especially when you held me to Mummy for several hours so that I didn’t miss out on my feeds. Daddy, you know how much I love my milk.

Mummy told me you’re not very good with yucky smells, so I realise how lucky I am that you changed all of my diapers in hospital, even when my poop was really smelly. Don’t tell Mummy but you dress me better than she does, she takes too long and you have me ready in a jiffy. You do such a great job.

Thank you for feeding Mummy by hand when she was giving me my milk, for always making sure she had water, and for holding her when times got tough and she cried. 

Daddy I love how you hold me when I cry and when I can’t fall asleep, especially when we were in the hospital and you hadn’t slept for two days. I know how tired you were but you made sure I was okay.

Bath time is one of my favorite times with you, I like how you splash the water over me and talk to me. It’s our special time together. It’s even better when you sing to me, I love the sound of your voice. I like the silly sounds you make too – you’re so much fun Daddy. 

I love it when you take photographs of me and show me off to others, I feel so special and loved. I can’t wait till you take me swimming and out on the boat. I just know we are going to be the best of friends. 

Although I can’t show you right now please know how much I love you Daddy. You’re doing such an amazing job and I am so proud to be your daughter. You mean the world to me. I love you with all my heart.

Lots of love, 

Casey xxx




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