Dose & Co Vanilla Collagen Creamer Review

This is one of the first products I feel I have really been ‘influnced’ on. 

I saw Dose & Co’s new collagen creamer and protein powders all over Instagram. I liked the branding, the packaging, even the sound of the flavours so I figured I would give it a long shot and see if a product like this actually works 

I’ll admit that I didn’t know a lot about collagen and why we need it. After reading an article on Healthline, I learnt collagen is a protein within our body and that our bodies ability to produce collagen starts to slow down when we reach our mid-20’s. From the age of 30, it decreases dramatically. 

Why do we need collagen?

Collagen is a protein found throughout our body; especially in our skin, muscles, tendons, bones, and connective tissues.  

As we get older, our body produces less collagen and our the structure of our skin is affected. A side effect of this is that we get more wrinkles and our joints aren’t as strong as they used to be. 



I decided to take the collagen plunge. I signed up to Dose & Co’s email newsletter and received 15% off my first order – always an incentive when ordering a new product for the first time. 

I choose the vanilla collagen creamer as I figured it would be the most versatile in terms of taste. The flavour went beyond my expectations. 
As soon as I opened the packaging, I could smell the sweet vanilla and coconut flavour. 

I’m not a coffee drinker (except when I decided to splash out and indulge in an espresso martini!), so I decided to add the collagen creamer to my chai tea. Funnily enough it’s the perfect accompaniment as it makes my tea a lot creamier and flavoursome.
Here’s what I used:



2 x scoops of Dose & Co Vanilla Collagen Creamer
3/4 cup of Boiling Water
1 x Chai Teabag by Nerada Organics (available at Countdown)
Splash of Cashew Milk by So Good (available at Countdown)

Add the collagen powder and boiling water first. Stir well. Pop in the teabag and milk and let sit for 3 minutes. 

This has become my morning drink and I look forward to it every day!



The big question – have I noticed any changes at all? The short answer is YES. 

It’s been just two month’s since I’ve been using this collagen creamer.

The biggest change is my skin. I’ve noticed two things in particular; my skin seems plumper, and I’m assuming this is due to the increased elasticity from the collagen powder. I’ve also noticed that my forehead creases aren’t as hard as they used to be, the wrinkles have softened – I’ll take that as a win for sure!

My hair seems stronger and I don’t seem to be loosing as much of it as I was prior to using this product. I have a tonne of new baby hairs which are growing rapidly too.

I can’t comment on my nails as they have always been strong and grow relatively quickly. 


The Verdict

Would I use the Dose & Co Collagen Creamer again? I already have. I’ve repurchased and I’ll be ordering the new caramel flavour next month. 

This collagen powder is also more affordable than others on the market plus it tastes delish. It has a big thumbs up from me! 

Want to grab some for yourself? You can check out the Dose & Co website here.  

*This review is in no way sponsored and is based on my personal opinion.         





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