Embracing Your “Inner-Hippie”

I bet you’re asking yourself what do I mean by “inner-hippie”? I’m not talking about the 70’s hippie who wears sunflowers, grows hair to their hips, all while taking some form of hallucinogenic….

I’m referring to getting in touch with yourself, being free, letting go of material things, and embracing your spiritual side.

My husband loves to give me grief and call me a hippie every now and again. I strangely take it as a compliment, to me it means that I’m embracing my spirituality, he’s seeing a side of myself that I treasure, a side I often lose sight of when I get too caught up in the corporate world and our suburban lives.

Embracing Your Spiritual Side
When I refer to your spiritual side don’t worry, being spiritual doesn’t mean you have to be religious. To me it’s about connecting with a higher form of self and other divine messengers. Spirituality is a great way to seek solace, to ask for guidance, and to connect with yourself. There is no easy way to define spirituality as it differs for all of us – the greatest thing is that you can take your own spin on it and make it your own.

One way that I like to get in touch with my spiritual side is by using my oracle cards (a type of tarot card). I love the simplicity of doing a reading, seeing what the cards have to say, and whether they ring true with me in that moment.

Earlier this week I took the time out to do a reading, and it was amazing. Both cards I drew were highly relevant to my life at this present moment. The two decks I own are as follows;

1. Life Purpose Oracle Cards by Doreen Virtue
This is my favourite deck, the cards are mostly shade of green with gold foil edging and they are absolutely gorgeous! The deck contains 44 cards as well as a guidebook.
This deck isn’t one I would use too regularly purely because it aids in helping you find your purpose – not something I challenge too often as I know I’m on the right path. Funnily enough my reading earlier this week drew the “Writing” card.
The first line in the guidebook reads;
“You drew this card as validation of your dream to be a writer.”

There isn’t much more I need to say about this one – this is the first time I’ve drawn this card and it blew me away! It really rang home that I’m pursuing my dream and affirms that I’m on the right path.


2. The Spirit Messages Daily Guidance Oracle Deck by John Holland

This deck is designed so that you can enjoy it on a more regular basis. It contains 50 cards as well as a guidebook. The designs are mainly shades of yellow and blue.

It’s best to use this deck when seeking guidance or assessing turning points in your life. The card I drew earlier this week was spot on – it was the “New Beginnings” card.

The first paragraph in the guidebook stated the following;
“Everything in life is constantly vibrating and moving, and therefor continuously changing and evolving. Be aware that a new beginning is on the horizon. Have courage and faith, because right now life is trying to nudge you forward and move you in a a new direction.”

This also rings true, I have two major life changes (and new beginnings) ahead of me that will alter my life in enormous ways. Looks like the oracles have been watching after me after all! ?

New Beginnings

Get in Touch with Nature
Now-a-days life seems so fast paced, sometimes we need to take some time out to appreciate the small things in life. There’s nothing like going for a walk and breathing in the fresh country air and revelling in the beauty of nature.

I was lucky enough to grow up on a farm on the outskirts of Auckland, New Zealand. Many days would be spent horse riding, zipping about on a motorbike, feeding lambs, moving stock, or going for a leisurely walk through the paddocks and taking in the beautiful scenery.

It wasn’t until I moved away that I realised how much I took the farm for granted. Months would go past without visiting and it wasn’t until recently that I realised how much I missed the farm and all it encompassed. To me the farm represents family, health, nature, animals, and happiness. When I’m away from it for too long I feel the affects of it, and I’m over the moon to say I’ll be moving five minutes down the road from the farm in a couple of months time.

Think about what you love about nature and the reasons behind it. For my hubby his ideal day would be out on the water, fishing, breathing in the sea air, taking some time out and relaxing.

Take some time out for yourself, get outdoors, away from the buzz of everyday life, and take a quiet moment to appreciate nature. Enjoying nature is a sure fire way to let go of the stress from your day – I’m sure you’ll notice the positive effects it has on you. It’s good for the soul.

Practice Mindfulness
Practising mindfulness is when we focus on the present moment. Sounds simple doesn’t it? This tool allows us to really focus on the task at hand, without the persistent voice that often speaks in our mind. Take a task like brushing your teeth. I’m sure most of us would be thinking about anything else except this simple act, for example I know at night time when I brush my teeth before bed I will often think about the tasks I need to complete the next day. If I was to be mindful in that moment I would not think of anything except the act of brushing my teeth. This would mean focusing on each brush stroke, the noise it makes, the taste of the toothpaste, you get my drift. Although it might be easy to do this, our mind often wanders and we don’t remain present in that exact moment.

Enjoy the Little Things, Take Time to Relax
I’ve already touched on this when I’ve referred to embracing nature. Relaxing can also be enjoyed in a number of ways. Take the simple act of having a herbal tea. When I want to take a moment out of my schedule I grab my favourite antique tea cup, select a delicious tea, and take my time enjoying it. It’s a simple act but it helps to put perspective back into my day.

When I’m getting ready to wind down for the night I love to read a good book, absorb myself in it, and forget about the stresses of the day. It’s times like these that I think are precious, giving yourself time out to enjoy life.

Nowadays it’s so easy to get caught up in society, to forget the small things in life, and to let our days roll into months. When you step back from it all, embracing your inner-hippie is really all about taking time out for yourself and focusing on you – why wouldn’t you want to try it?




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