My Baby Girl Casey is Finally Born!

As the days neared I was counting down to the 4th of February 2016, the day my baby girl would be born.

Having an elective cesarean is strange like that. We had a date already pre-booked so it was literally just a waiting game. I had one day where I thought I might be going into early labour but it was just a false alarm. My breech baby was staying in until her planned date, just five days out from my due date of the 9th of February.

I was so excited during the week leading up to the big day, but I was also extremely nervous. I knew my life was going to never be the same again.

There would no longer be just hubby, myself, and our dog – a little human was going to be dependent on us for the next eighteen years or so!

I surprisingly managed to get a half decent sleep the Wednesday night before our girl was to be born. We were booked in for surgery at Auckland Hospital at 10:30am on Thursday the 4th of February and had to be at the hospital by 8:30 am.

When you live at least an hour from the hospital and have to get there through peak hour traffic we knew it would be an early start, rising at 5:00 am.


Once I woke I couldn’t believe the day was finally here. It had been a long nine months but also felt surreal to finally know that within a few hours I would be holding my baby girl.

My bags were packed (they’d been repacked approximately ten times!) and aside from having a shower and packing phone chargers etc, we were all ready to go.

On the way to the hospital, we had to drop our dog Nacho off to my parents’ farm as we knew we would be gone for four or so nights.

We were also collecting my Mum who was going to be my support person as unfortunately my husband has a major fear of hospitals and there was not a chance in hell he would be able to come into surgery with me. Not easy on both of us but as he said it was better for him to come see me in recovery then be fainting on the floor while I’m being cut open!

I knew Mum would be amazing, she’s been my rock throughout my pregnancy and I’m very lucky to have such an awesome mother and friend. The three of us headed off to Auckland hospital. Dad was going to meet us in there once I had gone into theatre.

As we walked into the waiting room, it still hadn’t hit me that I was going to have a baby.
From this day forward I was going to be a Mum… it was such a strange feeling.

We waited for about an hour before being taken through where Mum had to dress into some scrubs and I got a sexy hospital gown. It was really hard saying goodbye to hubby – let’s just say I got a little emotional.

Mum and I were taken to a hospital bed area where we waited for hours. It was frustrating as I couldn’t eat or drink anything and we were bored shitless but it was just one of those things as the surgery team was running behind.

A scan was performed to check that baby was still breech (she was, and had been in the same position for approximately the last ten weeks or more). I was given a local anesthetic in my arm to insert the drip and then from memory, it was around 12 pm that we were taken through to theatre. From there, it was all on.

I had chosen to have a CSE which is a combined spinal and epidural. I’d never had surgery before so I was bloody nervous… to say the least. I was expecting the local anesthetic in my back to be extremely painful but I was pleasantly surprised.

I’m usually a wimp when it comes to pain but perhaps I’m too hard on myself as even the Anaesthetist commended me on how still I was, he said he wished all his patients were like that!

It was a strange feeling when my lower body started to go numb. There were no complications, everything went smoothly. I was laid onto the bed and tilted to my left side, and that’s when I was administered the antibiotics, which unfortunately I reacted to. I felt nauseous and then started vomiting – I couldn’t believe how sick I felt.

I recall one of the Anaesthetist’s saying I made the right choice to have the CSE as they could quickly give me drugs to counteract the nausea, however unfortunately that took a wee while to kick in. Mum, however, was amazing. She looked after me the entire time, soothing me when I felt sick and just being awesome. She never left my side.

I felt no pain whatsoever during the c-section, however, I did feel tugging, and before I knew it my baby girl was being pulled out and presented over the cover before me. It was at exactly 1:00 pm that my baby girl was born.

I remember looking at her little face and seeing these big eyes and mop of brown hair. She was utterly gorgeous. I let out a cry when I saw her, then we she finally belted out a cry, I cried again. The surgical team congratulated me and they asked what her name was – “Casey”, I replied with tears of joy.

Mum went over and cut Casey’s umbilical cord and that was when she had her first cuddles. The team then proceeded to stitch me up (five layers of stitches might I add!) and that took much longer than delivering Casey which didn’t feel like long at all. She was then put onto my chest for some skin to skin contact but unfortunately, that didn’t last long because of how unwell I felt.

I was wheeled into recovery where I went into shock and started shaking violently (all pretty normal) however poor hubby didn’t realise this. He came in to see me and I was ghost white, still felt nauseous and basically looked like I was having an exorcism on the hospital bed. Let’s just say he didn’t stay long and had to go have a wee lie down on the floor!

After a while, I was taken through to my ward where I would stay for three nights. It was here that I got to cuddle my baby girl and enjoy her properly for the first time. Hubby was by my side and we were overwhelmed with love.

I couldn’t believe how much my heart swelled for Casey, and for my husband.

I feel so lucky to have been blessed with a healthy, beautiful baby girl. Her birth was such a surreal and amazing experience, I’m still in awe of this little human that spent nine months growing inside my body – she’s the most precious wee girl and I still can’t believe she’s mine.




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