Interview with Whitney Hedges from That Awkward Conversation

You all know I’m not afraid to talk about everyday topics that many of us struggle with, however, this isn’t always the easiest path. Your life becomes an open book for others to read.

Of course, bloggers like myself do this with the best of intentions – to help and inspire others. It makes it all the more important to be around like-minded people and to share their story.

That’s why I am super excited to introduce a new friend of mine, Whitney. Whitney is an incredible woman who writes with a pinch of sarcasm and an open heart, and I just know you will all love her vibe as much as I do!

So I wanted to interview Whitney about her latest adventure, her blog; That Awkward Conversation.

Check out the interview below and at the end of this article, you’ll find links to Whitney’s blog and social media. Make sure you check them out!

1. For new readers visiting your blog, what should they expect when reading your content?

That Awkward Conversation is a blog that highlights depression and anxiety. The blog posts speak of conversations I have with myself and other topics that almost everyone with depression and anxiety go through but are too scared to talk about. I talk to the reader through my heart in a tone of voice that is relatable. Three words I would use to describe it are; raw, unfiltered and real.

2. Your blog “That Awkward Conversation”, talks about topics that a lot of people prefer not to discuss. What made you decide to write about these topics?

It was quite funny actually, one day I read my book and still had things to say on each topic/chapter, however… instead of re-writing my book I decided to publish them on my blog.

3. Have you always had a passion for writing?

No… I did well in all of my writing subjects in university and internships etc but then I never had enough confidence to follow through with it. It wasn’t until a year ago when I was diagnosed with depression and anxiety that I found my passion for writing again. How? I found it extremely hard to sit in front of a counselor and tell her how or why I felt the way I did, instead I wrote to her. The more I wrote the more I freed myself from my thoughts. Writing is my therapy and my passion.

4. Do you hope to help your readers in any particular way?

Yes, I want to inspire a movement and remove the stigma around depression. Encourage people to have that Awkward Conversation and know that they aren’t alone. Everyone experiences their own pain and journey through depression, but in many ways we suffer through the same things.

5. If you had one piece of advice for anyone battling with depression, what would it be?

Reach out to people and have that Awkward Conversation… talk to anyone! Just get what you have off your chest. If you are socially awkward like me, express it in another way… I am also going to PREACH Yoga… seriously… its life changing!

6. I understand you’ve written a book, which is an amazing accomplishment! When do hope to release this?

I have set myself a goal to have this published within a year.

7. The next few questions will give new readers a chance to get to know you. How would your closest friends describe you in three words?

Funny, Clumsy, Loving

8. What’s the craziest thing you’ve ever done?

Don’t condone this at all…. but I told an ex-manager to fuck off, grabbed my bag and never returned to that job.

9. What do you hope to achieve with your blog That Awkward Conversation by 2018?

I would love to turn it into a full-time business. I am in the process of collaborating with health and wellness professionals to introduce some exciting opportunities.

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