The Flow of Emotions as Motherhood Approaches

Ahhhh, the joy of emotions – even better when coupled with hormones!
You’d think that by the time I enter my ninth and final month of pregnancy that I would have had time to adjust and get mentally prepared and ready for this baby that’s about to enter my life. I thought so too, but as impending motherhood approaches I begin to realise that I’m overwhelmed with a flow of emotions!

I can’t wait to meet our little peanut, if it were up to me she would be here tomorrow! I’m excited to see what she looks like, who’s features she will have, to cuddle her and finally meet this little bundle of joy in person. I’m looking forward to that first hold, her first cry, and just touching her with my own hands.

I’m an anxious person anyway so there’s no surprise that anxiety is high on my list of emotions right now. I’m nervous to think what sort of mother I will be, how my relationship with my husband will change, and how I’m going to deal with those (many) sleepless nights, a messy house, and no longer having the independence I used to.

I’ve slowly come to the realisation that my current childless life is almost selfish, I literally don’t have to worry about anyone except myself – if I was that way inclined! Of course my husband, family, and friends are people I care about, love, and help where I can, yet they aren’t entirely dependant on me. This little baby needs me – and I guess that’s a whole new feeling in itself!

I feel lucky being able to bring this life into the world and grateful that we didn’t have any struggles falling pregnant. To date (and fingers crossed we won’t have any) there have been no health difficulties for our peanut, she is growing well, has been active, and is on track to be one healthy baby.

Although it’s probably safe to say I may not have had the easiest pregnancy, at least it has just been my own body that’s let me down. I’ve had no medical complications and baby has been healthy throughout – there are no words that can express how grateful I am for this. When you hear of what other mothers are having to go through it really does put things into perspective.

My heart feels almost as swollen as my feet (haha)! It amazes me how much I already love this little life inside me. How can you love someone so much without even meeting them?

Although emotions change all the time, I really do feel lucky and hopeful that I will be a good mother to this little bundle of joy that will be in our lives any moment now.




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