From Unloved To Learning To Love Myself

See this photo? You’d think it’s the same person wouldn’t you? They look almost identical.


They have the same eyes, nose, and chin. The same heart… even the same body.
But in my mind, they are entirely different.


The girl on the right had just returned home from exploring the world with her best friend. Six month’s earlier her fiancé had left her – one month before they were due to get married.

While overseas, she went on an exploration to ‘find herself’. She was happy to be home, but she still felt as though something was missing… like she’d left a part of her soul behind, in India.

She felt like she’d conquered a number of her demons but there was more work to be done. She didn’t know where she was heading, and she still didn’t know who she was.

She began a quiet spiritual journey but was afraid to dig too deep. She feared what others might think of her, and her need to be well-liked was strong.

She was insecure although perceived as confident, desperate for love although people thought she was strong.

And most of all she felt a sense of urgency to get her life together, as it hadn’t panned out how the way she thought it would.


Fast forward five years and the woman on the left is no longer an insecure girl.

Now a wife, and a mother, she has everything in life she’s ever wanted and more. She’s strong, confident, and proud of who she is today.

After a health scare earlier in the year, her spiritual journey reopened. She knew it had always been there, but that now was the time to embrace it.

Her ego kept telling her that people would think she was crazy, they wouldn’t understand… but the more she dug deeper, she realised these fears were not her own.

They were roadblocks put in her path to help her understand that it didn’t matter what other people thought… she realised she had them all along.

Not only has she dived headfirst into exploring her spirituality, she is open about it and happy to stand her ground when questioned about her beliefs.

She continues to learn, and truly believes she is here to help others. She knows that amplifying her spiritual awareness will uplift her more.

She knows she’s not perfect, and that’s okay.

She has learnt that other people have demons of their own too, and that not all relationships are meant to last.

She learnt to love, but to also be loved in return.

And most importantly? She has learnt to love herself.





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